St. Louis Restoration

In 2007 I took over my families failing furniture refinishing business named Strip Clean to protect my Grandfather. Between 2004 and 2007 my Uncle Greg had run the business into the ground. The company was over $150,000 in debt and my Grandfather as co-signor was responsible for the debt. He was scared he was going to lose everything if the business failed. I sold my cell phone & satellite business and used the money from the sale to buy out my Uncle Greg. On top of that I had to purchase the building my Grandfather & Uncle had rented for 35 years because it was in pre-foreclosure with Commerce Bank. My uncle hadn’t paid the rent in over a year and the landlord was having financial problems of his own. While looking over the financials my Uncle & Grandfather provided me I came to realize that my Uncle Greg had spent $35,000 on advertising in 2006, and despite that the company had a hefty loss that year. I was really curious about this so I did a little research. What I found out was that my Uncle was spending thousands of dollars a month to advertise in the yellow pages and to send out coupon mailers that didn’t work anymore. I rebranded the company St. Louis Restoration, built a website myself from scratch and started learning everything I could about internet marketing. Between May 1st 2007 and December 31st 2007  St. Louis Restoration earned triple the revenue that Strip Clean earned the previous year.