Furniture Refinishing SEO

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What is Furniture Refinishing SEO?

Furniture Refinishing SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the art of ranking websites highly on search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo.

The latest data from ComScore tells us that Google accounts for 65% of search engine traffic in the United States. Leaving Bing with 21% of the search market, and Yahoo with the remaining 13%.

When you fully optimize your refinishing website for these three search engines, which account for 99% of traffic in the US. You’ll dominate searches in your local market for Furniture Refinishing.

Ten steps to dominating local searches for Furniture Refinishing.

  1. A well-designed WordPress website does the selling for you. Customers call you ready to buy.
  2. Fully optimize your WordPress website for Furniture Refinishing SEO.
  3. Claim 70 of your local citations on sites like Angieslist, BBB, Bing, Google, Twitter, Yelp, YP, Etc.
  4. Optimize all 70 of your local citations for SEO by adding the right content to your profiles.
  5. Research what keywords refinishing customers use, 70% of searches use niche terms.
  6. Create unique well-written blog posts targeting each of those keywords.
  7. Syndicate before & after photos, blog posts, reviews, and videos to your Social Media profiles.
  8. Create and embed a unique YouTube video for every website page and blog post. Optimize videos for SEO.
  9. Design an internet review strategy to generate more good reviews. Mitigate and respond to bad reviews.
  10. Continue to monitor and improve your internet marketing as the one constant is things are always changing.

Ready to dominate searches in your local market? Would you like an extra 5-10 leads a day?

Call Refinishing Success at (314) 328-9585 or email

Imagine how much time you’ll save outsourcing your internet marketing to Refinishing Success!

Frequently Asked Questions About Furniture Refinishing SEO By Refinishing Success?

How much does your Furniture Refinishing SEO service cost? 

It depends on the goals of your SEO campaign, the size of your company, the amount of new business you can handle, your budget, and a variety of other factors. Call us to discuss your needs and to see how we can help you grow your refinishing business at (314) 328-9585!

How long does it take for Furniture Refinishing SEO to work?

This varies greatly depending on where you are located. With very little competition you can see results in a matter of months. With heavy competition, it can take up to a year to rise to the #1 ranking. That being said you should start receiving more business and more calls in a matter of months. Your results will increase significantly over time.

Can Refinishing Success handle our Social Media Marketing?

Absolutely Refinishing Success can handle your Social Media Marketing on Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, & YouTube.

How many clients do you work with in each market?

We can only rank a single Furniture Refinishing business #1 in each local market. Which is why Refinishing Success is exclusive, we only work with a single Furniture Refinishing business in every market we serve. Lock out your competition call Refinishing Success today at (314) 328-9585.

What do you mean when you say Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords are niche search terms like Church Pew Refinishing, Front Door Refinishing, Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Antique Restoration, Chair Repair, Hope Chest Refinishing, Etc. 70% of Furniture Refinishing searches are in the niche terms. The funny thing is that everybody fights over the Furniture Refinishing keyword in their local market, yet very little effort is made to rank for the hundreds of search terms customers use to find Furniture Refinishing companies.


Derek Puleo is the Founder & Owner of Refinishing Success. Derek's family has been in the refinishing business in St. Louis since 1978. Derek has been self-employed since 2000. His passions are refinishing and marketing. Would you like to grow your refinishing business? Give Derek a call at (314) 328-9585 to learn how Refinishing Success can help!

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