Free Bathtub Refinishing Business Plan Template

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bathtub refinishing business plan

FREE Bathtub Refinishing Business Plan Template By Refinishing Success

Bathtub Refinishing Business Plan Tips:

Figure out what other Bathtub Refinishing companies are doing wrong.

Figure out what other refinishing companies are doing wrong by looking at their reviews on the internet. Find the solutions to those problems and integrate them into your Bathtub Refinishing Business Plan. This will help you succeed where others have failed! You can learn from their costly mistakes, instead of making your own mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help with your Bathtub Refinishing Business Plan.

There is a great organization called SCORE which stands for Service Corp of Retired Executives. They volunteer to advise and mentor new business owners for free! Reach out to a SCORE counselor for help with your business plan. It’s always nice to have a mentor you can ask questions and get honest feedback from. There is no cost to you and they are a non-profit organization so they won’t try to sell you anything or push you into buying things you cannot afford.

Reach out to an experienced Bathtub Refinisher in a different market.

Another great way to get helpful advice for your business plan and to help you start your bathtub refinishing business is to reach out to an experienced and successful bathtub refinisher outside of your local market. Most of your local competition will be resistant to the idea of helping you start a bathtub refinishing business. Which is why you should reach out to someone far away who will never be in competition with you for any work. It may take a few phone calls to find someone willing to help but it will be worth every minute you spend doing it in the end. Just be careful to research everything they tell you on your own so you can formulate your own opinions. As some people have spent a lifetime doing things the wrong way!

Be conservative with your financial estimates & projections.

It’s always better to have financial projections which are conservative and easily attainable. You don’t want to start a business with no room for error in your finances. We are all human, we all make mistakes. No one is going to complain if you make more sales or profit in your first year than you were expecting. But your new venture might not survive if it doesn’t have some built in room for error.

Dare to be different. 

There are dozens of Bathtub Refinishing companies where I live, why does the world need another one? This is an important question to answer in your business plan. Maybe your service will be better, maybe your marketing will be more aggressive, maybe you’ve found a better way to refinish bathtubs. Whatever the case may be sure you have to be different. Don’t be a copycat!

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