Direct Mail Ideas for Bathtub Refinishers

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Direct Mail ideas for Bathtub Refinishers.

Direct Mail for bathtub refinishers

  1. Send Direct Mail to Realtors: As you know Realtors love Bathtub Refinishing. When people look at a house with a pink bathtub, they don’t think oh I can have that refinished for approximately $400 with a 5-year warranty. They think I’m going to have to tear out and replace this whole bathroom and that sounds like $10,000! Realtors want to refer people who do good work because when they refer you their reputation is at stake too. My suggestion is to visit local real estate offices and ask to present at their sales meeting. Then follow up by mailing each realtor a brochure with some referral cards.
  2. Send Direct Mail to Plumbers: Obviously, plumbers spend a great deal of time in bathrooms, and so do bathtub refinishers. So you can be a great source of referrals for each other. My suggestion with plumbers is to send out a sales letter highlighting your company, services, and reputation. I’d tell them you are looking for a plumber to refer more business to and receive more referrals from. I’d offer them a referral fee for every job they send you. You can use referral cards to track this.                                                      
  3. Send Direct Mail to House Cleaners: Believe it or not cleaning services can become great allies of refinishing companies. First, a properly refinished bathtub is easier to clean, if you know how to properly clean it. Second, they face the same obstacle some of my hotel and hospital clients faced: No matter how hard they scrub those old bathtubs, countertops, showers, and sinks. If they’re old and dingy, they look old and dingy. Send a well-designed sales letter about your bathtub refinishing business to them. Try to build a relationship based on mutual referrals using referral cards.
  4. Send Direct Mail to Tile & Grout Cleaning Companies: If you don’t offer Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing then partnering with a company who does is a natural fit for a bathtub refinishing company. I’d strive to work out a deal where they sell your services, and you sell theirs. If you can’t do that then try referral rewards, and use referral cards to track referrals. Use sales letters to reach your targeted tile & grout cleaning companies.
  5. Send Direct Mail to Furniture Refinishers: When I was handling the day to day operations of my families furniture refinishing business I was often asked if we could restore clawfoot bathtubs, porcelain arms to barber chairs, and porcelain tops to Hoosier cabinets. We didn’t do this, but if someone had offered to do it for us wholesale we would have jumped at the chance. Let’s say for example to fully restore a Clawfoot Bathtub you charge $800, if you were willing to bill us $680, and would allow us to pocket that $120 difference. We’d of sent a ton of work your way. For items that couldn’t be dropped off at our shop, we’d of referred it directly to you without even expecting a referral fee. We wouldn’t care about kickbacks, we’d of been more interested in mutual referrals. There would have been a natural pairing too of our Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing services with your Kitchen Countertop Refinishing services! To reach Furniture Refinishers I recommend a sales letter, with a follow-up call to schedule lunch somewhere your treat. If they’re so busy they don’t leave the shop for lunch, offer to grab their favorite food to go and stop by for a quick lunch meeting. Referrals come naturally once they get to know, like, and trust you.
  6. Send Direct Mail to Bathroom Remodeling Contractors: When they deal with clients on a budget, anything they can do to reduce the cost of the project might help them win the sale. On top of that, it’s very common for new bathtubs to get damaged before they turn the project over to the home-owner. Many contractors aren’t aware they can spot repair or refinish those bathtubs, without tearing them out and replacing them. I reccomend targeting them with a sales letter and following up with a phone call.
  7. Send Direct Mail to Interior Designers: Interior Designers love the fact that you can offer custom colors, and faux granite finishes. The more customization you can offer them, the more work you will get from them. The best thing to put together for them is a sales letter that includes before & after pictures of work you’ve done for other designers. If you don’t have that then just use your best before & after photos. I’d also include verbiage to the effect that you love working with interior designers. Because everyone knows they can be a pain in the butt. But if you make them feel appreciated and welcomed they’ll use you over and over and over. I did $5,000 worth of work (3 different tub & tile projects) for a single Interior Designer in one month at Bath Refinishing St. Louis.
  8. Send Direct Mail to Hospitals & Hotels: We did a very large project for Des Peres Hospital a division of Tenet Healthcare at Bath Refinishing St. Louis. The people you want to talk to are the hospitality/housekeeping manager, and the supervisor of maintenance. With targets this big, it would be better to send an introductory sales letter with a follow-up postcard. Always offer to do a free sample unit, as that is something a reputable company would do. They definitely want to try before they buy.
  9. Send Direct Mail to Apartment Complexes & Property Management Companies: They get bombarded with offers, they have a lot of lousy service experiences. So coupons might get them to try you, but be sure to stress the quality of your work and show good before & after pictures. I’d recommend post cards, it can take 4-5 times to get the result you desire. Sales letters work too if you know the names of the people you are trying to reach.
  10. Send Direct Mail to Interior Painting Companies: There are a lot of painters out there who like to keep things simple. If they don’t want to do bathtubs, showers, sinks, or tile then they are a perfect fit for partnering with you for a kick back. Sales letters to the owner would be the best way to get in touch with them. After you’ve introduced yourself with the letter it’s time to follow up with a phone call.

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